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BolboretaThe popularity achieved by relaxing techniques, which always has had a lot of success, it is based on treatments for stress and other physical or muscular affections. Some of those techniques require practice and personal training, and other ones need therapist support in most of the cases, for example, with relaxing or anti stress massage.

BolboretaNowadays, massage is considered one of the most effective methods for stress treatment. That affection is caused in most of the cases because of our lifestyle, tensions, emotional trauma and different illnesses. Massage can bring you energy and well health because it helps your body, mind and soul.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos
Masajes relajantess para peregrinos
Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaMost of the people thinks that stiffness and pain caused by contracture is basically part of our lifestyle, and we get used to it. We don't notice our muscle rigidity until we receive a relaxing massage. In addition to give relief to physical pain, relaxing massage can calm state of mind due to that pleasant sensation of welfare and especially to the status of relaxation.

BolboretaCalifornian is the anti stress massage for excellence. One person who receives this type of massage would experiment tranquility, an awakening of the feelings that origin the return of the nervous system balance, after a period of stress and exhaustion. It uses soft and surround movements, which get wide during the massage, all over the body, the same frequency as the respiratory rate of the person who receives the massage. Body oils are used to improve relaxation and soft sensation.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaCalifornian massage increases blood circulation, reduces stress and relieve muscular tension. Helps fight anguish and depression, extended ills of our time, it's especially indicated to vanish headache, migraines and insomnia, and to achieve a better quality of life.

BolboretaPeople who have tried this type of massage affirm that they feel increased energy. That makes us aware of our body with more intensity, besides feeling more perceptive. Frequently, people who experience this massage fall asleep during the session, experiencing peace, and physical and mind rest.