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Masajes especializados para peregrinos
Bolboreta As a massage therapist myself for 9 years I was looking for a therapeutic massage hot just to relax after walking the Camino. I was so very please with Miguel. He knows what he is doing for sure! Thank you!!

Malisa Landaluce, USA, 24-06-17

Bolboreta Eres un profesional al 100%, tienes unas manos maravillosas y el masaje perfecto, la pena que una hora se pasa volando.... me dejaste como nueva para proseguir con mi viaje.... y muy importante también, el precio muy justo!!

Luz María Adrianzen, Lima, Perú, 23-06-17

Bolboreta Excellent massage. Very relaxing and perfect after 30 days of walking the Camino. And he comes to your hotel! I highly recommend.

Nathalie, Canada, 19-06-17

Bolboreta Wow, what a spoilt pilgrim I am! A really magical way to end my journey. Very therapeutic to all aches and pains, whilst feeling like heaven at the same time? Thank you!

Ros O'Toole, Australia, 17-06-17

Bolboreta Lovely relaxing massage for my poor weary body. Thank you for your caring hands.

Fiona, Australia, 17-06-17

Bolboreta This was an excellent service, provided in our own hotel room. Very professional. Very relaxing.

Moira, Australia, 17-06-17

Bolboreta After the Camino, this massage is just what I needed! WOW! My legs and feet feel so much better! It was very relaxing as well. Awesome! Would recommend Miguel!

Helena Baert, USA, 16-06-17

Bolboreta Very nice touch. Best massage ever. Really needed this after the Camino. Highly recommended.

Donna Brun, USA, 16-06-17

Bolboreta Very professional. Gentle and caring approach. Would highly recommend.

Bernadine, Australia, 16-06-17

Bolboreta Miguel ha terminado de darme la serenidad que ya me dió el Camino. Tiene unas manos que valen oro, ha sido mi momento. Mi punto de inflexión. Gracias.

Irene Sanchís, España, Valencia, 09-06-17