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Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaI want to congratulate each one of the pilgrims who came to Santiago, whatever the Way they have accomplished, doing such an effort all along days and kilometers. It may was hard for ones, large for others. Everyone has their own reason to do something like this. Santiago's Way is a great adventure, even if you walk alone or in company. A unique experience that involves different situations, meetings, memories, anecdotes and emotions difficult to forget. Once you get to La Plaza del Obradoiro comes the great celebration, the Way is over. After the euphoria, appears the first signs of fatigue and physical slump.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaON-SITE massage offers services for all pilgrims. Ask at your hotel reception for these services and you will be attended as quick as possible with all the necessary equipment to give a professional massage: a portable stretcher, towels, creams, essential oils and relaxing music. This way, avoiding displacements and waste of time, you would enjoy, immediately and at the comfort of your room, the rest after your massage. A massage that will make recover your physical and emotional equilibrium, and relieve nuisance and overloaded muscle that were accumulated during the Way.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos
Masajes relajantess para peregrinos
Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaIn the section of Services, you can check the types of massage that you can ask for, according to your necessaries.

BolboretaPrice list depends of service time, doesn't matter which type of massage you choose.

    30 minutes 20 €

    60 minutes 30 €

    90 minutes 40 €

BolboretaThe service can last 3 hours for more than one person.