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BolboretaRelaxing massage:

Fights stress, anxiety and fatigue, getting a deep relaxation of body and mind by freeing physical, mind and emotional tension, generating a high sensation of welfare.

BolboretaTherapeutic massage:

Improves circulatory function and recovers muscle mobility. It's recommended in contratures, muscle overload and joint discomfort.

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BolboretaAcupressure massage:

Japanese type of massage based on Shiatsu techniques, applying pressure with hands, fingers, forearm and elbows. Discharges muscle tension of neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and hips. It's effective to relieve head tensional pain....  

...Suitable for those who work on static positions, standing or sitting for long periods of time. Applied to the person, dressed, on an ergonomic chair specially designed for this purpose. It's not necessary to use oils or creams.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaSports massage:

Diferent intensity, according to the sportsman necessity, pre-competition recovery or maintenance. Improves performance and discharge stress.

BolboretaMassage anti-cellulite and reducer:

Helps reduce the excess of fat and located cellulite on legs, thighs, hips, butt and abdomen. Able on other parts of the body.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaManual lymphatic drainage:

Works directly with lymphatic system to remove toxins and to protect the immune system. Fights liquid retention, swollen feet or legs, and improves health and skin appearance.

BolboretaMassage for elderly people:

Give them a better quality of life by helping them with the diseases of their age. Those illnesses are frequently limited mobility that provoke anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Masajes especializados para peregrinos

BolboretaFacial massage:

Aids to have a better blood circulation on our skin and rejuvenate our visage by relaxing, reducing or removing the tension that we may have accumulated. With a facial massage we can experiment a great relaxing sensation.

BolboretaFoot massage:

Foot massage is one of the most pleasant and relaxing. The reason of this is that feet load all the weight of our body for a lot of hours, shut in our shoes.